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The late Dr. Stanley Greenspan left behind a profound legacy of knowledge in the realm of early child development. In this feature, periodically we will share audio clips of advice from Dr. Greenspan about Autism and other topics related to child development. [Please note: many audio clips are from Dr. Greenspan's lectures where he showed videos. He may reference a video but the advice below applies generally.]

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What is an ideal educational program?

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Advice from Dr. Stanley Greenspan about helping family of children on the autism spectrum

Discussion: School does not mean education. What should an ideal educational program have?

You have to look at the school environment in terms of how well it can provide support for the six functional milestones, and then the higher milestones beyond that. How well can an educational setting provide remediation for the different processing areas? To what degree does the educational setting provide one-on-one or small group settings that are going to promote development?

We recommend a thinking-based curriculum and a thinking-based approach to literacy. For instance, when working on causal thinking, you need to work on that level in all the different subject areas.