Advice from Dr. Greenspan

How do I help my autistic child to learn, think and function well? How do I help my child academically? (audio clip)

For children with autism, IQ is not what prevents them from academic achievement. The autistic child needs a curriculum that encourages higher level thinking, and fosters their ability to engage in reciprocal communication in the real world.

Is medication a good autism intervention strategy? How much medication should I give my child? (audio clip)

More often than not, the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, or of one who’s been diagnosed with a learning disability, has faced this question. The same question holds true with professionals. With numerous drugs, dosages and medical opinions on the matter, what is the right choice?

What autism intervention strategies are best for my child? What should I do and not do? (audio clip)

To help your child relate, communicate, and think, it’s important to create the best intervention program available. There are a number of strategies that your child may respond positively to, but there are also interventions that you should avoid.

How should I integrate different autism treatment strategies? (audio clip)

In addition to the Floortime therapy, you may want to consider new and innovative interventions that are coming to the fore, suggests Dr. Greenspan. “No one intervention, no matter what the data, was tried out on your child. So, you’ll always have to come up with creative and innovative strategies.”

How do I set limits or discipline my child with autism? (audio clip)

With Floortime, it's very important for limit setting to take place under the umbrella of calm, back and forth interaction. “The child with autism should learn in a negotiated way,” reminds Dr. Greenspan. The ideal way to set limits using Floortime is in a situation where you have time and you can interact with the child around the limit. You can give the child an alternative, or negotiate, and it's done calmly together.

What is an ideal educational program? (audio post)

Hear Dr. Greenspan’s advice in this audio clip Loading the player … Discussion: School does not mean education. What should an ideal educational program have? You have to look at the school environment in terms of how well it can provide support for the six functional milestones, and then the higher milestones beyond that. How well can an educational setting provide remediation...

If my child has autism should I push them to play with me? Should I leave them alone? What about self-stimming? (audio clip)

There are different types of ways to create “downtime” if your child has autism, notes Dr. Greenspan. “If you have a child with autism that is capable of reading a book, that's terrific; give them regular down time. If the child is capable of doing a crossword, that's great; give them regular downtime and then balance it through the day.