Dr. Greenspan on Behaviors

My child flaps his hands and mouths words in public. How do I stop this kind of behavior? (audio clip)

“Every behavior a child engages in, autistic or not, should be treated as purposeful and as a basis for interaction,” says Dr. Greenspan.

My child has many challenging autism behaviors. How do I deal with them?

Oftentimes parents will identify particular problems (temper tantrums, perseveration or self-absorption) that they want to remedy, typically because it is embarrassing or disruptive. "There are six steps to take that usually solve these issues," notes Dr. Greenspan.

How can I help family members feel comfortable around children who are on the spectrum? (audio clip)

Hear Dr. Greenspan’s advice in this audio clip Discussion: As a clinician or therapist doing the family assessment, you will be able to sense if there will be a deeper resistance from the parents, states Dr. Greenspan. “They will speak about what they do and don’t do, and the ways they are comfortable or uncomfortable interacting.” After that happens,...