Dr. Greenspan on Interaction

If my child has autism should I push them to play with me? Should I leave them alone? What about self-stimming? (audio clip)

There are different types of ways to create “downtime” if your child has autism, notes Dr. Greenspan. “If you have a child with autism that is capable of reading a book, that's terrific; give them regular down time. If the child is capable of doing a crossword, that's great; give them regular downtime and then balance it through the day.

What are the best ways to be creative with my child and foster pretend play? (audio clip)

Hear Dr. Greenspan’s advice in this audio clip Loading the player … Discussion: “Help your child use their ideas functionally and introduce make-believe play; try to keep increasing the interaction,” emphasizes Dr. Greenspan. The world of make-believe is very important: the richer the pretending, the greater the creativity. Don’t bypass the pretending, or else...

How can I help family members feel comfortable around children who are on the spectrum? (audio clip)

Hear Dr. Greenspan’s advice in this audio clip Discussion: As a clinician or therapist doing the family assessment, you will be able to sense if there will be a deeper resistance from the parents, states Dr. Greenspan. “They will speak about what they do and don’t do, and the ways they are comfortable or uncomfortable interacting.” After that happens,...