The Floortime Manual

The Floortime Manual™ is an interactive, online system for learning the specific techniques of Floortime. Videos of Floortime sessions are broken up into short segments to identify the three main steps with added bullet-point explanations as well as three types of play. Audio clips by Dr. Greenspan guide you in Floortime techniques for children with ASD who are avoidant, aimless, revved up, rigid, aggressive, passive, self-stimulatory, repetitive, or inattentive. Practice evaluations of the video sessions help you think through the steps and techniques.

“Parents and professionals will appreciate and learn so much from this manual. I did—even though I have been immersed in this model for 17 years. It feels as if Dr. Greenspan is tutoring every person in a very personal and individually-tailored manner.” An experienced Floortime Therapist

The Floortime Manual offers:
  • Interactive guide to Floortime
  • Video demonstration of basic steps to Floortime in short clips
  • Numerous video examples of three types of Floortime play
  • Descriptions of specific Floortime techniques
  • Dozens of audio tapes with Dr. Greenspan’s explanations
  • Practice evaluations of Floortime sessions
  • Instructions for setting up a Floortime session
  • Extensive troubleshooting section for children’s problems in sessions
  • About 2 hours to review one type of play; as many hours as you want or need for other components
  • 24/7 access for 30 or 90 days

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