Parents: How to Learn Greenspan Floortime

Parents: How to Learn Greenspan Floortime


Step 1: Take the Free Parent Course for a one-hour overview of Greenspan Floortime.


Step 2: Fill out the Free Greenspan Assessment to discover your child's regulatory and sensory profile.


Step 3: Use The Floortime Manual - Online and/or Print - to learn Greenspan Floortime.



FACT: Greenspan Floortime is not one-size fits all. A child's developmental profile shapes the sessions. Each one is as unique as the child. So you need to know if a child is sensitive, sensory seeking, or under-reactive/passive. You need to know what type of play the chld engages with--sensory, object, symbolic or some of each. That's why we recommend the Assessment and The Floortime Manual-Print: you will be able to understand your child's unique profile.

The online Manual gives you step by step instructions for doing Greenspan Floortime. For information on both manuals Click Here.