Children with Learning Disabilities


This workshop combines power point and audio lectures to explore how The Learning Tree model can help with understanding and treating learning disabilities. Dr. Greenspan discusses the sensory system, executive functioning, developmental levels and academic achievement. This workshop explores, for the first time, how to improve weaknesses in the sensory processing system through identifying and using a child’s developmental capacities and relationships.


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$50 if you have registered for the parent or professional course.

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Cancellation Policy

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Study Questions

  1. What is the Greenspan/DIR model?
    1. An intervention that follows a chronological order to teach skills.
    2. Something you do to mitigate affective experiences available to children.
    3. Teaching a behavior to address a specific symptom a child displays.
    4. A model used to identify a child’s social-emotional strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Which is NOT a part of the Greenspan approach?
    1. Relating within meaningful, positive relationships
    2. Communication across all therapeutic curriculums
    3. Teaching a child an outcome, what to say, and what to do
    4. Encouraging a child to do the thinking
  3. The Greenspan approach is a parent-_____ approach and a therapist-____ approach.
    1. supported; centered
    2. centered; supported
    3. supported; directed
    4. advocated; centered