Helping The Whole Child

Helping The Whole Child

Helping The Whole Child is a series of workshops designed to explain how Dr. Greenspan's work can benefit all children, Greenspan Social-Emotional™.

Dr. Greenspan believed strongly that whatever your goals for a child are they have to be addressed holistically. This means understanding how all the "pieces" fit together, how they affect one another, and understanding that we must always work on the integrating component of child development, THE EMOTIONS.  

Whether we are working on behavior, communication, feeding, sensory/motor development, or social skills all children need to connect their learning to positive relationships and emotionally meaningful experiences, not just outcomes.  

Helping The Whole Child is a NEW lecture series that will look at each of these areas.  The first lecture in the series Helping the Whole Child: How to improve Self-Control and Behavior by Strengthening Communication and Emotional Health will explore,

  • Dr. Greenspan's theory about understanding behavior and identifying it causes
  • How our current understanding of neuroplasticity supports his theory
  • How to improve behavior from the ground up, leading to lasting behavioral changes and emotional self-awareness
  • How to improve communication, thinking, and emotional range while addressing the causes of behaviors

This NEW workshop is only available for the month of February.  Click here to watch it NOW.