31 Jan2023March 13, 2023

Temporary Behavioral Regressions

Don’t worry–many children experience temporary behavioral regressions. These regressions can happen at different times of year—sometimes the Fall or the Spring or at different moments in life where the child might be going through internal physiological or with changes in their environment. When we see one of these regressions it’s important to understand this is...

11 Jan2023March 13, 2023

My child has many challenging autism behaviors. How do I deal with them?

Discussion: Oftentimes parents will identify particular problems (temper tantrums, perseveration or self-absorption) that they want to remedy, typically because it is embarrassing or disruptive. “There are six steps to take that usually solve these issues,” notes Dr. Greenspan. “Particularly for obsessions, focus in on the child’s activity and practice interacting around it,” Dr. Greenspan says....