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Parents and professionals will appreciate and learn so much from this manual. I did—even though I have been immersed in this model for 17 years. It feels as if Dr. Greenspan is tutoring every person in a very personal and individually-tailored manner.”
An experienced Floortime Therapist

The Floortime Manual combines many learning opportunities. First, you can use it for your own review. And then you can use the short demonstration clips as an example of a specific step or together as an example of a session for your clients. Your clients can use it to practice at home. You also have rating sheets for parents and child tailored to assess and track progress from session to session. 

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  • A subscription for 180 days:
    • Access to the Professional Course* for 90 days and the Manual for 180 days
    • 6 discounted 90-day Manual subscriptions for parents you work with (25% discount=$90 each. Original price=$120)
    • Greenspan Floortime Goal Bank for use in generating top priority Greenspan Floortime Goals for a child
    • Greenspan Floortime Child Rating sheets for you to assess a child’s Greenspan Floortime session with parents
    • Greenspan Floortime Parent Rating sheets for you to assess a parent’s use of Greenspan Floortime techniques
  • The Manual gives you
    • Opportunity to review your own Floortime techniques and listen to Dr. Greenspan’s analysis of his sessions
    • Teaching tools to use in the office
    • Support for parents’ practicing Floortime at home that reinforces your guidance in the office. This includes: a review of Floortime steps and techniques; a practice guide for sessions; ‘Troubleshooting’ for session problems; reflection on interactions with their child to feed back to you for your help; resources under ‘Tools’, such as play ideas.
  • Price: $345
    [Price does not include cost of manual to parents. Parents pay individually using a discount coupon.]

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* If you pass the mastery test, there are CEUs for SLPs for the Professional Course and a certificate of mastery.

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