The best suggestion Dr. Greenspan can give to a parent? “Trust your own instincts,” he advises. Do your homework and “draw your own conclusions” when it comes to suspecting autism, or an autism spectrum disorder, in your child, says Dr. Greenspan.

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else, since you observe their behavior when they are at their very best, and know what they are capable of. After you’ve observed your child, approach professionals who are oriented toward your way of thinking about what your child needs.

But ultimately, “Don’t worry so much about the diagnosis; worry about how we help the child master their foundations and processing challenges,” encourages Dr. Greenspan. Becoming engaged with your child will open up their world.

Learn more about Dr. Stanley Greenspan and the Greenspan Floortime approach. If you are new, we have a background and introduction to Greenspan Floortime including how it helps special needs children. We also have Greenspan Floortime training courses at Floortime U. specifically designed for parents and professionals including the Floortime Manual.