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In research studies FLOORTIME increased emotional functioning, social interaction, engagement, and daily skills.


In research studies comparing the effect of Floortime with behavioral treatments, the kids receiving Floortime improved their relating and communicating over the kids receiving behavioral treatments.

I’m a very experienced therapist and this brought a new facet to my skills. It was great to come home each night and look forward to learning something new.

Anonymous Professional

Training and Certification

The Greenspan Floortime Approach®
was created by Dr. Stanley Greenspan to address the emotional and cognitive needs of children on the autism spectrum.

For the first time, there is now an interactive learning system for the training and certification of professionals world-wide. It is a complete learning system for Floortime and Dr. Greenspan’s theoretical model, with both web-based and vital hands-on learning. Professionals can choose individual components or the complete certification. The training provides many examples of practical techniques, letting Professionals acquire in-depth knowledge to help children on the autism spectrum redefine their potential.

How can you learn this?

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The Floortime Manual™—Online and Interactive

The Greenspan Floortime Approach®

Floortime was created by Dr. Stanley Greenspan for children on the autism spectrum and those with developmental delays. Floortime can give them the skills necessary to progress in school and in life and to be independent The Floortime Manual is an important tool for supporting this development. It gives you the skills to connect with your child and foster your child’s potential.

The goals of the Greenspan Floortime Approach and the Manual are to:

  1. Deepen Relationships
  2. Strengthen Communications
  3. Expand Thinking and Learning
  4. Foster Better Behavior

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The Manual offers a one-on-one intimate learning experience. A very user friendly tool for parents and professionals.

An experienced Floortime Therapist


A little boy: wandering, running, spinning, very few words, little ability to play, and diagnosed with autism at 2 ½. At 3 ½, with support in a community program, he still didn’t interact much.

Participation in a single subject research study introduced the family to Floortime: four 45-minute sessions/week of Floortime for 7 weeks and a few short family sessions at home daily.

The Results?

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