Discussion: We don’t want to say, “Let’s wait and see” regarding a challenge a child is facing; that makes the challenge harder later. “Parents cannot tolerate this answer any longer,” argues Dr. Greenspan.

Parents need to lead the way and educate themselves with regard to their children’s health and well-being. In pediatric trainings, there is little time given to developmental problems or autism spectrum disorders.

“Most pediatricians have very little background,” Dr. Greenspan notes, “and sometimes none. The doctors are being asked to do something that they aren’t trained to do, which is unfortunate.”

To improve autism diagnosis rates, there needs to be a two-fold approach where pediatricians are given more training in developmental disorders, and parents are given more information on how to assess their child and begin services.

Learn more about Dr. Stanley Greenspan and the Greenspan Floortime approach. If you are new, we have a background and introduction to Greenspan Floortime including how it helps special needs children. We also have Greenspan Floortime training courses at Floortime U. specifically designed for parents and professionals including the Floortime Manual.