The Greenspan Assessment, developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Jake Greenspan, has two parts: a developmental questionnaire and a sensory questionnaire. It applies to children with autism and the accompanying developmental challenges. Why is an assessment important? Even with the same diagnosis children have different challenges and strengths. A child who struggles with paying attention may find the world overwhelming, too noisy, too fast moving; another child struggling with the same issue may find the world too dull and understimulating. Same problem, very different intervention. The first child needs a calmer, slowed down world; the second needs a more energized world. Knowing your child’s profile—in this case, whether a child needs a calm and patient “tortoise” parent or an energized and animated “hare” parent—is critically important.

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The Assessment offers:

  • A tool to help evaluate strengths and weaknesses and track the progress of a child with autism
  • A baseline:
    • The Developmental Questionnaire focuses on emotional and intellectual abilities
    • The Sensory Processing Questionnaire focuses on how children process and regulate what they hear, touch, smell, and taste, and how they move.
  • Straightforward and easy to answer questions
  • A Chart with results for tracking changes over time
  • Results downloadable as a csv or xls format spread sheet

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The Greenspan Questionnaires:

These questionnaires were initially developed by Stanley Greenspan MD and Jake Greenspan for parents. The questionnaires’ benchmark is standard, normative behavior. To test the reliability of the parents’ answers, their scores were compared to Dr. Greenspan’s. In all three groups of children—those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, those with Regulatory Disorder, and those functioning optimally—the parents’ scores were similar to Dr. Greenspan’s, with no more than a one-point difference in a few instances and some .5 differences.

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