Floortime for Professionals

The Greenspan Floortime Approach® Training and Certification Program offers you Dr. Greenspan’s original, evidence-based treatment for children with autism and developmental delays. We share Dr. Greenspan’s practices–his principles and nuances–through his lectures, videos, audios, a manual and with instruction from Jake Greenspan and Tim Bleecker of The Floortime Center. You learn the most efficient way to help children grow with the only certificate curriculum created by Dr. Greenspan.


Training and Certification

Greenspan Floortime Professional Training
The Greenspan Floortime Approach® Training and Certification Program is a complete, evidence-based system for working with children with autism and other developmental delays. Begin with the Professional Course or the Floortime Manual, both online. Each product stands alone, or can be taken as a pre-requisite for Greenspan Floortime Certification.

Help Children Succeed

The Floortime ManualOnline & Print
When watching Dr. Greenspan’s Floortime sessions, you see children begin to relate, communicate, develop self- control and think. The Floortime Manual-Online and The Floortime Manual-Print help you see what children need and what you can do. The essential steps and techniques of Floortime become yours.

How does Greenspan Floortime help children?


It strengthens processing abilities. Less overwhelmed and more tuned in, a child can improve relationships. It's easier to be good.


It draws children into an exciting, emotional world. Learning to communicate and interact with purpose, they can have impact on the world.


It is built on a renowned model of how we learn to think. It shores up a child's primary thinking skills. They can learn to think on their own.


Its basis is emotions. Emotions create the desire to interact because they create the desire to be close. Children can become related and engaged.

FREE Assessment Tools

Knowing your child’s profile—whether a child needs a calm and patient “tortoise” parent or an energized and animated “hare” parent to engage them—is critically important. Learn about your child's profile.

Continuing Education Credits

ASHA has approved The Greenspan Floortime Approach® as a CE Provider. Many other licensing organizations accept the certificate for continuing education credit.

Additional Workshops

These workshops offer more in-depth instruction on: Meltdowns and Tantrums; Regulatory Sensory Processing Disorders; Children with Learning Disabilities; Floortime for older Children and Adults.

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